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Versioni Emule

Ultima versione eMule 0.50a
Vecchie versioni eMule 0.49a Beta 3
eMule 0.49a Beta 2 eMule 0.49a Beta 1 eMule 0.48a
Emule 0.48a Beta 2 eMule 0.48a Beta 1 eMule 0.47c
eMule 0.47b
eMule 0.47b Beta 2
eMule 0.47a
Emule 0.47a Beta 2
eMule 0.47a Beta 1 eMule 0.46c
eMule 0.46b
eMule 0.46a
eMule 0.45b
eMule 0.45a

Download emule latest version 0.49 Free
Emule is the most famous free software peer to peer to share files between users. Emule is always updated to increase the quality and the speed, there are many version modified like emule extreme, emule adunance, emule plus, emule++, accelerator plus, etc.
Users can choose divers networks to interchange files, emule is compatible with its network ED2K that the network Kad. Emule is based on a system of credits and expectations in queue, so it can guarantee everyone can download files, but rewarding who is also uploading. Emule has a function of prewiew service to check the video files or the rar archives are damaged. Download Emule free last english version: guide and instructions of Emule's english configuration.


Download Free emule plus
Emule plus is a software created to optimize Emule's original interface and to make it easy for the users. The plus version allows easy downloads and is compatible with classic Emule. Plus Emule' s latest version supports large files, to a maximum of 512 gigabites. On Emule plus there have been inserted many new functions like the prewiew of video files, rar archives and self-acting updating function of servers' s lists.

Gratis English Emule
Emule is a client p2p to interchange files. Emule supports all types of files:
Video File : 3gp ASF AnimGIF AVI DivX MPEG MP4V WMV QuickTime MKV (Matroska Video) RM (Real Media) VOB SVI (Samsung Video) SWF Macromedia Flash.
Excutable file: Exe Jar ecc.
File audio : AAC AC3 AIFF AMR BWF Cda IFF MID RA Real Audio MKA (Matroska Audio) MP3 RIFF QuickTime PCA (Sony Perfect Clarity Audio) RM WAV WMA XM
Arichivi ZIP JAR RAR (WinRar) 7z (7-Zip) ACE (WinACE) ARJ iso ecc.
Graphic file: BMP (Bitmap) GIF JPEG, JPG PICT PNG TGA TIFF DjVu
Emule is the most diffused software to interchange files on the internet, many are the planners that improve Emule's official site.

Download Emule latest version 0.49a
Emule is a client open source simple and handy, it was created after the famous Edonkey and today is the most famous software p2p on the internet. The latest version is Emule 0.48 that works on all windows programs: 98 Windows ME, NT, Windows 2000, XP, Vista e Windows Server..

English Emule's official site
To download Emule from the official site , the original not modified version is available with setup assistance.
The official version of Emule 2p2.

To configure english Emule 0.48.
The sites gives a guide to install and configure Emule to the best. On the site there is a forum where is possible to ask questions, help, assistance and express opinions on emule.

Realesed latest version gratis, also for Mac Linux
Emule is based on Edonkey net, but also uses the Kad net via the Kademlia protocol. The kad net allows the users to interchange files without being connected to the servers, because the sharing of the files is possible directly among the users
connected, without employing any server. It is not necessary an installation code of Emule.

Free download latest version Emule xTreme
Emule extreme is a emule's new modified version , in this version there are new utilities, for example the control of the wavelength, there are flags adjacent user's and server's names, to understand in whichpart of the world they are. The system of credits and sources is renovated and more advanced.