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Versioni Emule

Ultima versione eMule 0.50a
Vecchie versioni eMule 0.49a Beta 3
eMule 0.49a Beta 2 eMule 0.49a Beta 1 eMule 0.48a
Emule 0.48a Beta 2 eMule 0.48a Beta 1 eMule 0.47c
eMule 0.47b
eMule 0.47b Beta 2
eMule 0.47a
Emule 0.47a Beta 2
eMule 0.47a Beta 1 eMule 0.46c
eMule 0.46b
eMule 0.46a
eMule 0.45b
eMule 0.45a

First : Emule is free!!!
Download emule latest version 0.49a. Now, you exit the new release of e-Mule, many updates and bug resolved, new design!

download eMule 0.49 gratis


Released last version 0.49a English free
Emule is based on edonkey network and also uses the network KAD through the Kademlia protocol. The network kad allows users to exchange files even without being connected to servers, because this file sharing takes place directly between users connected, without going through any server. You do not need code installation emule. Finally comes the new version of the Emule 0.49, after the famous release 048. In the new version were corrected many bugs and other problems, the new eMule also has a new look and feel more simple, intuitive and clean. Improved system KAD network, available in English for Windows Vista, XP and 2000. Emule version 0.49a compatible with ADSL.

Download Emule 0.49 italiano

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